[ English - Oct. 19, 2022 ] Grasshopper Animations

Example Files: https://files.mcneel.com/misc/Rhino_U...

Description: The webinar will display some ways of animating different objects and basic behaviours in Grasshopper3d.

Behind the scenes of some of Antoine's animations will be revealed a few animation tricks.

As a bonus, we'll see a way of animating multiple successive actions, from one slider only.

Bio: Antoine Maes is the lead computational designer at A2M architecture, in Brussels.

He's a computational design consultant and Grasshopper teacher for architecture offices, and a lecturer at the University of Liège.

In the community, he's better known for his animations https://www.antoinemaes.com/strange-o... and for co-developing the Tapeworm plugin for Grasshopper 







0:00 - Intro

1:03 - 1st part - Current Work (Hops)

8:33 - 2nd part - Previous animations

38:39 - 3rd part - Multi-Clips animations

44:20 - 4th part - Multi-Clip code example

1:00:00 - Q&A

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