[ English - Nov. 12 2021 ] Grasshopper Player, Hops and Computer

McNeel, Compute | AECtech 2021 NYC

Calling All Functions! - Everything you need to know about calling functions using the Grasshopper Player, Hops, and Rhino.compute

Robert McNeel & Associates | https://www.mcneel.com/

This workshop will focus on the development of functions that can be called in various ways using the Grasshopper player, Hops, and Rhino.compute. The primary goal of this session is to teach you how to compartmentalize your Grasshopper definitions into a discrete set of components that produce a specific outcome. We call this a function. The functions can then be “called” in various ways depending on the setup configuration. Also known as “procedures” or “methods” in software parlance; functions are a good alternative to re-using repeating blocks of code in a definition. In addition, we can parallelize these functions using Hops and Rhino.compute to make time-consuming processes more efficient. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to package up these functions into definitions and how to call them locally or remotely depending on your configuration.

Masterclass Presenters

Andy Payne | Software Developer

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