1.1 Before you start the course


We are excited you have enrolled in this course. Here are a few recommendations before you start your course to ensure it runs smoothly:

  1. Review the course in the order your instructor has established.
  2. Option to pause or play at any time, plus rewind or fast forward by 10 seconds at any moment.
  3. Control the volume from your computer or within the video platform.
  4. Fast forward or rewind as many times as necessary.
  5. Option for subtitles (on the bottom right-hand side). You can choose from the languages we've provided and control the size, color, etc.
  6. Take notes (options on the bottom right-hand side).
  7. Control the video quality and the playback speed. You can make the video the instructor's voice go much faster, or slower (on the bottom right-hand side).
  8. You can have a small screen if you are reviewing the videos and working simultaneously, or you can go full screen (on the bottom right-hand side).
  9. You have two buttons (on the top right-hand side) to go to the previous lesson or complete and advance to the next lesson.
    NOTE: It's important to complete at least 90% of each video in order to be able to click on the “Complete and Continue” button to progress to the next lesson.
  10. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.

Enjoy the course!

Complete and Continue