Step #1

Select a bundle you want to give as a gift.

Step #2

Enter the email of the person you want to give this course or bundle as a gift.

He/She will receive an email with enrollment information.

Step #3

Enter your personal information and a method of payment

Step #4

One more important step, enter a very easy-to-remember password that you will give to the person you are giving this gift card to.

Step #5

The gifted person will have to confirm his/her email, and after that he/she can log in to the account and change it if needed.

Confirm the email

Step #6

Let the gifted person know that you enrolled him/her in a course at www.Rhino3D.Education and give the password you entered.
Note! Select a very easy password like ABC or 123 etc., so that you will remember it.
The user can change the password after entering the site and editing their profile.